Data refuge applications written in VBA run from Microsoft Office products.

Able to run without administrative permission as long as macros are permitted.

Updates are posted a couple of times a year.

There are more tools being cleaned up to offer.

If you have a specific need you can email the dispatch2 to get an estimate.

The fees are download fees. There are no license fees.

All products are released into the public domain. The VBA in each app is included in the open. You can inspect for security.

Copy for reuse. Install and share anywhere you want. Sell copies.

What you can’t do, is get your download fee back.

ExportOL_2019_0501.bas. $2.00 download fee.  

Install by import to VBA through Outlook. Exports mail as text and saves attachments as separate files. Complies with automation restrictions in typical corporate environments.

FileScrubAuto_2019_0501.docm. $2.00 download fee.  

Date filenames following ISO 8601 guidance. Migrate old file formats to xml. Not a filter or converter. Only does old formats that MS Office does. It will do thousands of files before MS Office crashes. Everything it cant do gets set aside for you to look at. Some odds and ends useful for cleaning up a large folder set.

FileScrubManual_2019_0501.docm. $2.00 download fee.  

Manual file and folder renamer. Because sometimes people name things special. Gets it done faster.

SortFiles_2019_0501.docm. $2.00 download fee.  

Sorts files one folder deep. So far it only does jpg, txt, pptx. Like a preview app with a sort function. Moves fast. Minimizes error.

SubAtomicFileCopy_2019_0501.docm. $2.00 download fee.  

A little bit like a bit torrent app. Uploads and downloads large file sets over a VPN. Moves slow and steady. Complies with automation restrictions in typical corporate environments. Pauses itself if the VPN is interrupted and waits for you to say it is OK to proceed.